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Improving English skills in Finland

From 09.10.2023 to 13.10.2023 West Finland College conducted an English Language Course to 58 students age group 10-18 alongside their teachers from Lviv, Ukraine. The students’ learning objectives ranged from improving their grammatical skills, strengthening their communication skills, practicing their spoken skills to improving their listening skills. The students were provided ample opportunities to interact with their teachers and fellow students in the goal of improving their overall linguistical skills.

I interviewed Ms Oksana Pavlyuk a 15-year-old student taking the course and below is her overall review of their week.

  • What were your learning objectives?

"My learning objectives were to improve my overall level of English. I was also keen in communicating with our teachers who are of course English native speakers and I also wanted to test my competence by interacting with them."

  • How was your overall experience of the course?

"I really enjoyed this course! We had a very good teacher who conducted the classes in an exciting and an informative manner. I acquired skills that will be beneficial for my future use of the language!"

  • How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend/colleague?

I" am definitely going to recommend this course to my classmates back in Ukraine. I am satisfied with the course and days spent at this college! "

  • How did this course develop you academically?

"After lessons on phonetics, I begun to pronounce and enunciate English words properly."

  • What did you like most in the course?

"In my opinion the course was wonderful! We are really grateful to our teachers for their determination, patience and being with us through every step of the way! We are also happy to have been awarded a well merited certificate that will be useful in our future endeavours like getting a scholarship to university. We rapidly improved our listening, speaking, writing and grammatical skills because of the high level of dedication our teachers are committed to. Communication with our teachers helped us develop a strong desire to keep studying English even after high school! We not only studied English but also gained useful knowledge about the world at large!"

Oksana Pavlyuk (High school student at school No.13 from Lviv, Ukraine)

Written and interviewed by Brian Fili, English Teacher in West Finland College

Teachers from West Finland College and Lviv, Ukraine

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