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Länsi-Suomen opistolla vierailee vuosittain lukuisia ulkomaalaisryhmiä muun muassa Ukrainasta, Italiasta ja Ranskasta. Joukossa on niin lasten, nuorten kuin aikuistenkin ryhmiä. Vierailevien ryhmien opetussisällöt painottuvat kieliin, mutta mukana on myös kasvatukseen ja koulutukseen sekä taiteisiin liittyviä teemoja.

Englanninkielen opettaja Brian Fili Chungani saapui vahvistamaan kansainvälisen opetuksen tiimiämme elokuussa 2022. Lue alempaa, mitä Brian kertoo työstään opistolla.

My name is Brian Fili Chungani, the newest member of Huittinen town. I am continuing my relationship with West Finland College on a permanent basis.

My experiences include working as an English teacher and an English language assistant across 3 towns in France; Dunkerque, Les Sables-d´Olonne and Versailles. I worked principally with students and pupils from middle school and high school across all 3 different types of high schools (General high school, Technological highs school and professional high school).

I feel privileged to work in this beautiful and scenic town in West Finland because of its friendly population and also without forgetting the serenity and country-like ambiance that it proffers.

I bring in a great deal of life, love and laughter in the classroom, this is very essential to my methodology of teaching, owing to the fact that to learn a language it's paramount that one takes delight in the English language. It is extremely important to me that I bring myself on level ground with my students so that we can both see and understand ourselves from a similar point of view. This is far reaching for the Student-Teacher Chemistry and pivotal for a productive learning environment.

Brian opettamassa ukrainalaisia
Brian opettamassa ukrainalaisia


Please feel free to contact Brian by email

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