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European Day of Languages

Euroopan kielten päivää vietettiin maanantaina 26. syyskuuta. Me vietimme sitä myös Länsi-Suomen opistolla yhdessä ukrainalaisten kanssa opettajamme Brian Filin johdolla. Euroopan neuvosto kannustaa kaikkia jäsenvaltioiden asukkaita opiskelemaan lisää kieliä koulussa ja sen ulkopuolella. Se tukee Euroopan monikielisyyttä, ja kielellinen monimuotoisuus on maanosamme rikkaan kulttuuriperinnön avaintekijä.

Opettajamme Brian Fili kirjoitti lisää Euroopan kielten päivästä ja siitä, millä tavalla sitä oikein juhlittiin Länsi-Suomen opistolla. Kansainvälisyyttä ei tuosta päivästä puuttunut, ja käytössä oli yhteensä neljä eri kieltä kun otimme yhteisen puhelun pariisilaisen lukion kanssa. Lisäksi päivän aikana mm. laulettiin ukrainalaisia kansanlauluja ja opeteltiin hieman suomen kieltä.

At the Council of Europe’s initiative, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001 on 26 September- together with the European Commission.

“The European Day of Languages gives us an opportunity to value and promote all languages and cultures in Europe. This year we are putting a special focus on inclusive language education, which supports all learners to reach their potential and play an active part in diverse and democratic societies”, declared Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić.

It is estimated that there are over 225 indigenous languages in Europe, without even including languages which have arrived on the continent through migration. The specific aims of the EDL are to:

  • raise awareness of the importance of language learning in order to increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding;

  • promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe;

  • encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school.

The Council of Europe and the European Commission work closely together on the coordination of the Day. The dedicated website, which is available in 39 languages, provides details of the hundreds of events taking place in celebration of the Day, as well as a wide variety of resources and activities for everyone interested in languages and language learning. A new app, created specifically for the 2020 Day, encourages users to carry out a series of language challenges, thereby developing further competence and confidence in using different languages.

We at West Finland College celebrated it by having a joint conference call with Lycee Polyvalent l'Essouriau ,a multi-disciplinary high school in Les Ulis, Paris.

It was a beautiful opportunity to share and exchange different cultures. We used four different languages in class to celebrate this cooperation. We spoke French ,Finnish , English and Ukrainian.

We continued to celebrate this cooperation by singing Ukrainian Folk songs, learning basic principles of Finnish language, share intriguing tongue-twisters in French and shared the importance of English for our future careers moreover West Finland student from Rivne Lyceum, Ukraine wore traditional Ukrainian attire called Vyshyvanka and shared its cultural origin with the students from Paris.

It was indeed a special occasion.


Written by Brian Fili, email

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