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Huittinen, an attractive town for international students

West Finland College participated in a symposium organized by the city of Huittinen alongside Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) and SASKY which took place in Risto Ryti hall, Huittinen town. The main objective of this symposium was for the city of Huittinen to present its businesses, companies and educational institutions as an attractive hub for potential residents and talents in Huittinen. The symposium was largely for international students who were studying and were looking for working, studying and lifestyle options in Huittinen.

West Finland College was able to present and advertise its courses to potentially new students from the larger neighboring towns of Pori, Rauma, Tampere and Turku.

The college also marketed its affordable pocket friendly accommodation options that came as a great shock to many participants due to our versatility not only as a quality educational

institution but also as a formidable accommodation option.

There was great interest in our college from international students with backgrounds from

different parts of the world such as China, Nepal, Nigeria and France. The College encourages potential residents of Huittinen to explore our accommodation options even as they are looking to settle in Huittinen , as they settle West Finland College provides courses to boost language levels which is essential to the advancement of careers, we also provide various wellness courses that are very important in a person’s state of being.

We encourage new residents of Huittinen or the Satakunta region to explore their educational, accommodation and career options with us.

- Brian Fili Chungani


Are you interested in African culture and languages? Next spring 2023 we have a course "Introduction to Swahili language and African culture". The course will be in English. Read more from our websites or contact to our teacher Brian Fili Chungani for more information.

Here link for the course description: Swahili - Länsi-Suomen opisto ( or write an email for Brian:

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