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From 02.10.2023 to 06.10.2023 West Finland College conducted an English Language Course to 60 students age group 10-17 alongside their teachers from lyceum Oriiana in Lviv, Ukraine. The students’ learning objectives ranged from improving their grammatical skills, strengthening their communication skills, practicing their spoken skills to improving their listening skills. The students were provided ample opportunities to interact with their teachers and fellow students in the goal of improving their overall linguistical skills.

I interviewed Ms Tetiana Kudla an English teacher who accompanied her students to class and below is her overall review of their week.

  • What were your learning objectives? "Before my travel here I was looking for something interesting and useful for me and my students. I wanted to show my students how important it is to know English and for them to experience different population and their culture. I also wanted to improve my English."

  • How was your overall experience of the course? "My overall experience of the course is wonderful. All the students were eager to participate in the lessons although most of them were slightly shy to participate this course offered them a great opportunity to improve their English."

  • How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend/colleague? "I am going to recommend this course to all of my colleagues. I had a lot of fun here."

  • How did this course develop you academically? "I have had an improvement of my English level since I had a unique opportunity to have several deep and meaningful conversations with our tutors who are English native speakers, this greatly boosted my confidence and I also inspired new ideas that I will replicate in my lessons with my students back in Ukraine."

  • What did you like most in the course? "The teachers have been a wonderful revelation, from their teaching methodology and their ways of class and student engagement has been a huge factor for our positive experience at the campus. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed their time here. Thank you for your lessons and hospitality!"

Tetiana Kudla (English teacher at lyceum Oriiana from Lviv, Ukraine)

Written and interviewed by Brian Fili, English Teacher in West Finland College

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